Every great idea begins as a notion–a whimsical impulse. My job is to capture those fleeting ideas, those dreams, and turn them into a reality. It takes vision, understanding, and diligence to craft a winning commercial treatment.


I’m Shawn Merz and I create these winning treatments. With art from UCLA, typography from Switzerland,  fashion from the Netherlands, and production from Hollywood, I know what clients want. 4 years of working as a freelance creative producer has given me insight into the commercial industry. By closely working with you, I will create a sellable vision of your idea–you will get clients.






aspca, azek

bassike, budweiser,

cosmopolitan, concrete + clay, conde nast traveler,

departures, diesel, direct tv, 




honest company, hauser + wirth

jh1912, j.crew, jenni kayne

numero homme

paper magazine, portal a, p.s. life

rebecca de ravenel, rolling stone,


t magazine, the standard hotel, tommy bahama, tvtor,

vanity fair




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