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My name is Shawn Z'hun Tao Merz. I'm swinese (swiss+chinese). Born in Basel, Switzerland on May 14, 1990, my paternal grandfather died exactly a year later. His wife, Jacqueline ceased to be happy until my father's recent discovery of prozac. I digress. Born in Switzerland, raised in wonder bread Laguna Beach, I have a genius father (genius according to society), a hard ass Berkeley feminist mother, and two beautiful and wild sisters. Smart, athletic, popular, I eventually attended UCLA, where I learned to "think." Following my "thinking," I spent a year "living" in Da Nang, Vietnam where I implemented the foundation for the first American style dental practice in the area. A batch of tonsillitis, and 25 lbs of weight loss resulted in my return to Los Angeles, were post tonsillectomy I became the managing editor of Matthias Vriens McGrath's TVTOR Magazine. 


For production inquiries please contact me at shawnzmerz@gmail.com.

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