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I'm Back...

Unfortunately my gallivant into Southeast Asia came to an abrupt halt as a result of Gollumitis. Gollumitis is defined as losing so much weight that you eventually gain the appearance of the fictional Lord of the Rings character Gollum...or Smeagol. As much as I like pretending to be an anorexic super model, I had to draw the line somewhere and get myself a damn cheese burger. Anyways I have returned to sunny wonder bread Orange County, California, were the hair is blonde, the food is processed, the boobs are fake, and all the problems are first world.

Here, I will get my tonsils removed, grab my second major, and continue my blog posts-a few will be reminiscing on some of the greatest experiences of my life. Looking forward to recanting the past, enjoying the present, and planning the future. Cheers!

*Gollumitis is actually tonsillitis.